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Wild West Variety Show, The126. Wild West Variety Show, The by R. Eugene Jackson NEW!
Cast: 15 M, 12 F, 40 flexible. Flexible cast. (With doubling/tripling: 7 M, 6 F, 10 flexible)
Time: Approximately 75-90 minutes
FARCE. There are scene-stealers for everyone in the cast in this hilarious western-themed variety show that includes scenes, skits, and other funny thangs! The lineup includes a shotgun wedding for ... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The127. Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The by Tracy Wells
Cast: 9 M, 11 F, 14 flexible, opt. extras (With doubling: 6 M, 8 F, 7 flexible)
Time: Approximately 90-120 minutes, 106 pgs
CLASSIC. Adapted from the novel by L. Frank Baum. Introduce your audience to the original story and characters of this timeless classic. After Dorothy’s house falls and accidentally kills the evil ... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wonderland128. Wonderland by C. Edward Wheaton
Cast: 6 M, 7 F, 24 flexible, opt. extras (Flexible cast. Doubling Possible)
Time: Approximately 75-90 minutes, 76 pgs.
FARCE/SATIRE. This adaptation incorporates not only Lewis Carroll’s two classic novels, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, but some of Carroll’s poems and even his essay “The Two Cloc... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Worst Talent Show…Ever!, The129. Worst Talent Show…Ever!, The by R. Eugene Jackson
Cast: 6 M, 10 F, 15 flexible, opt. extras (Doubling possible.)
Time: Approximately 90-120 minutes, 85 pgs
COMEDY. After a lengthy stay in rehab for her marshmallow addiction, Persi is trying to make a comeback as the emcee of a new TV talent show, “Shooting for the Stars.” The lineup includes a “singing... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wowie, Howie!130. Wowie, Howie! by R. Eugene Jackson EDITORíS PICK
Cast: 5 M, 14 F, opt. extras
Time: Approximately 90 minutes, 83 pgs.
FARCE. Howie, a college freshman, has a problem meeting girls—they don’t want to meet him. Howie is so socially inept, his best friend is his pet canary, Larry, and the two even wear matching outfit... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Young Davy Crockett131. Young Davy Crockett by R. Eugene Jackson
Cast: 7 M, 8 F, 1 girl, extras
Time: Approximately 70-80 minutes, 68 pgs.
HISTORY/COMEDY. Told with warmth and plenty of down-home humor, this play chronicles Davy Crockett’s early life (1801-1804) in a series of easy-to-stage scenes. The story features Davy’s life at the... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Zombie Movie132. Zombie Movie by Kamron Klitgaard
Cast: 6 M, 9 F, 10 flexible, opt. extras
Time: Approximately 120 minutes, 57 pgs.
INTERACTIVE FARCE. A film crew arrives at a rural cemetery to start shooting the zombie movie, “The Return of the Night of the Living Dead Flesh-eaters, Part Two: This Time It’s Personal.” The film... READ MORE | BUY NOW

Page: 6 of 6. Showing records: 126 - 132.
Displaying 25 plays per page. Show 25, 50, 100, ALL
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