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Tuesdays with Mummy

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Tuesdays with Mummy
One-Acts 45

By: Wade Bradford
Cast: 4 M, 4 F, 10 flexible, opt. extras (Doubling possible)
Performance Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 56 pgs.

Tuesdays with Mummy

FARCE. This is farcical fun at its best! After the last archeologist “met with a bit of an accident,” the famed Oxford professor Rigby Melville is called to Egypt to find the secret chamber of Thutmes the Third. But due to an unfortunate mix-up at Oxford, Melville Rigby, a fish expert, arrives on the scene. Soon after his arrival, Melville finds both the secret chamber and the Mummy. The Mummy has just one request—that Melville place a magic ring on his mummified wife Nefertiti’s finger so that the two may spend eternity together. But when Melville places the ring on Nefertiti’s finger, she crumbles into tiny pieces. Not wanting to spend eternity alone, the Mummy demands a new companion—Melville’s fiancée, Nancy Doodle. But when the Mummy discovers that all she wants to do is talk about feelings, go shopping, and tidy up the tomb, he quickly changes his mind! The only potential companion left is Buttercup, a mummified pet trout, who too has been accidentally crushed by Melville. Melville, afraid that he may end up as the Mummy’s eternal companion, makes a last ditch attempt to save Buttercup with his mini fish defibrillator.

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Please remember it is necessary to purchase one script for each cast member and one royalty for each performance.

Scripts: $7.95 each
Royalty: $60.00/performance
Prompt Book: $16.00
Poster Package: $50.00 (50/pkg)
Distribution Rights: $60.00
Artwork Rights: $50.00
Play Pack: $273.00  (21 scripts for cast/crew, 1 royalty, 50 posters, 1 prompt book)

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An accomplished playwright, Wade Bradford has written several plays that have been performed by schools and theatres throughout the United States. Mr. Bradford teaches composition at a community college and lives with his wife and children in California.