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Happily-Ever-After Shopping Network

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Happily-Ever-After Shopping Network
One-Acts 20

By: Lavinia Roberts
Cast: 3 M, 14 F, 8 flexible, opt. extras (With tripling: 1 M, 7 F, 1 flexible)
Performance Time: Approximately 20-30 minutes, 24 pgs

Happily-Ever-After Shopping Network

COMEDY. Welcome to the Happily-Ever-After Shopping Network, the television channel for spellbinding sales and bewitching bargains! Join hosts Snow White and Rose Red as they showcase products designed to make you live happily ever after. Cinderella presents her new all-purpose cleaner, an easy way to keep your cave, castle, or cottage clean. Puss in Boots’s new fashionable footwear collection will make anyone feel like a fairy princess. Rapunzel reveals her new hair care line, definitely a curl’s best friend. Sponsors include the Princess and the Pea Mattress Outlet, Fairy Godmother’s Transport Dealership (50% off brooms and flying carpets), Wortilda the Witch’s World-Class Cauldron Emporium, the Pied Piper’s Pet Palace (buy one rat, get 100 free!), Three Little Pigs Homeowners Insurance, and Baby Bear’s Breakfast Buffet where the porridge is never too hot or too cold. But when a guest falls into an enchanted sleep and another guest turns into a frog, Snow White and Rose Red wonder if their new stage manager may not be who she appears to be. Easy to stage.

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Please remember it is necessary to purchase one script for each cast member and one royalty for each performance.

Scripts: $6.95 each
Royalty: $60.00/performance
Prompt Book: $13.00
Poster Package: $50.00 (50/pkg)
Distribution Rights: $60.00
Artwork Rights: $50.00
Play Pack: $298.00  (28 scripts for cast/crew, 1 royalty, 50 posters, 1 prompt book)

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Lavinia Roberts
Lavinia Roberts is an award-winning playwright and educator. She has a MA in Theatre Education from New York University and an MFA in Playwriting from Southern Illinois University. Roberts has been a theatre teacher for more than a decade. She is an Assistant Professor and Murphy Fellow in Theatre Arts at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.