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New Farce

My Fair Redneck

By R. Eugene Jackson

SPOOF/FARCE.  Inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion.  Elizabeth hasn’t been in a movie for more than a year, so her agent urges her to audition for the leading role of a redneck in an upcoming movie.  As luck would have it, Elizabeth encounters a real redneck, Henry Piggins. Piggins is hired to teach Elizabeth redneck ways at his dilapidated trailer in the swamp, where his lives with his mama and sister. The Piggins are happy to introduce Elizabeth to their redneck ways of life like how to cut yer toenails with a tree branch lopper and how to eat mudbugs off a toilet seat. As Elizabeth struggles with learning how to talk and act like a redneck, Hank realizes it may be a tad harder than he thought makin’ a redneck outta her.


Need Help?

Need Help?

We’re here to help you select the perfect play for your needs.   Just e-mail us with your questions including the number and breakdown of your cast (male and female roles), the length of the show, and the type of show (drama, farce, mystery, comedy, etc.), and we will be happy to help you narrow down your choices and steer you in the right direction. 



Need Help?

Need Help?

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Comedy for Young Audiences

A Highly Ridiculous Tale of Jack

By Daniel A. Kelin

FARCE. Jack’s bagpipe playing is so horrible, his parents can’t take it anymore. Since Jack's mother can’t bring herself to tell him that she doesn’t like his playing, Jack’s father encourages him to venture forth to share his “talent” with others.  Jack leaves home, but his bagpipe tootling is so horrid it causes deaths all over the countryside. Desperate to keep Jack away from the castle, the King hires an overzealous knight to rid the countryside of Jack’s unbearable bagpipe playing once and for all.  Screamingly hilarious!  Perfect for young audiences.